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Maeda Toshimasu

Toshimasu (often depicted under the name of Keiji or Keijirō) is often portrayed as somewhat of a prankster and is often dubbed crazy, or kabukimono, by others for his wild ways. Sampling this where is was shown/mentioned in a few video games that he filled his uncle's (Toshiie)'s bath with cold water, a feat the historical man was well known for.

  • He is a playable character in the Samurai Warriors series and is usually one of the strongest enemies to defeat. His weapon is a two-pronged spear, similar to a sasumata. He also appears in Warriors Orochi on the Orochi Army, later serving the Wu Army as a Gaiden character.
  • Maeda Keiji debuted as a playable character in Sengoku Basara 2. This version of the character wields a giant Ōdachi and has a pet monkey. He is old friends with Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and helps defeat the man in his ending. He appears in Sengoku Basara 3 as the representative of the both the Uesugi and Maeda clans.
  • Keijiro also appears in Onimusha Blade Warriors as well as the first Onimusha game, under the name: Yumemaru (a little boy that Princess Yuki takes care of).
  • Maeda Keiji is also a secret playable character in Kessen III through loading a Samurai Warriors data file from the memory card.
  • A manga series loosely based on Keiji's life illustrated by Tetsuo Hara (of Fist of the North Star fame) was produced titled Keiji.
  • In the NHK television drama series Toshiie to Matsu, Maeda Keijiro is depicted by the actor Mitsuhiro Oikawa.
  • Maeda Keiji is Maeda Toshiie's transformation in the eroge Sengoku Rance after doing two of Toshiie's events using Rance's satisfaction points.

Additionally, Keiji's famed horse, Matsukaze, appears in a number of games and movies as well.

  • Matsukaze is a ridable horse in the Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi game series.
  • The jetbike Keiji rides in the Vasara game series is said to be the model "Matsukaze 1000".

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