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Maeda Toshiie

  • Maeda Toshiie appears as a playable character in Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends, in which he is depicted as an apprentice to Shibata Katsuie and a man that would sacrifice himself in the name of a warrior, one of the common romanticizations that Koei regularly use to individualize their characters. He wields a serrated sword, accompanied by two spears. In his ending, he sees Shibata Katsuiie die in a flaming castle with Oichi, and he takes his wrath out on Toyotomi Hideyoshi. In Warriors Orochi 2, he and Saika Magoichi are rescued by Xiahou Yuan. He later works with Jiang Wei, the Azai, and the Asakura in capturing Da Ji. In Dream Mode, he works with Pang De, Shibata Katsuiie, and Sun Ce in defeating Da Ji and Himiko.
  • His Sengoku Basara portrayal implies that he serves the Oda clan off screen, but his story mode depicts him as a dysfunctional family man, in which he has a close relationship with his wife Matsu and their "nephew" Keiji, where the first two story modes tell on their unusual methods to support one another.He also uses fire based techniques and summoning animals.His body scars bore brunt of his battles with the wild animals.
  • The 2002 NHK Taiga drama Toshiie to Matsu (利家とまつ~加賀百万石物語~) was based on the story of their lives together. Maeda Toshiie was played by Toshiaki Karasawa, and Matsu by Nanako Matsushima. Karasawa later made a special appearance as the same character in the 2006 NHK Taiga drama Komyo ga Tsuji (功名が辻) (episodes 39 and 40).
  • Maeda Toshiie is one of the few captains who have non-generic faces in the eroge Sengoku Rance. He can transform to Maeda Keiji after doing two of his events using Rance's satisfaction points.

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