Penal Sanctions

Some articles on penal, penal sanctions:

Single Convention On Narcotic Drugs - Possession For Personal Use
... of the article are satisfied if the former kind of possession is made a penal offense ... the scope of Article 36 is founded on the assumption that it is intended to insure a penal response to the problem of illicit trafficking rather than to punish drug users who do not participate in the traffic ... appears in conjunction with "possession" in Article 4 (which pertains to non-penal "general obligations"), but not in the penal provisions of Article 36 ...
Abolition Of Penal Sanctions (Indigenous Workers) Convention, 1955 (shelved)
... Abolition of Penal Sanctions (Indigenous Workers) Convention, 1955 (shelved) is an International Labour Organization Convention ... Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to penal sanctions for breaches of contract of employment by indigenous workers.. ...

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