Pebble Bed Reactors

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Pebble Bed Reactor - Criticisms of The Reactor Design
... The most common criticism of pebble bed reactors is that encasing the fuel in combustible graphite poses a hazard. 2008">citation needed]]] Even a cracked pebble will not burn without oxygen, but the fuel pebble may not be rotated out and inspected for months, leaving a window of ... Some designs for pebble bed reactors lack a containment building, potentially making such reactors more vulnerable to outside attack and allowing radioactive material to ...
Pebble Bed Reactor - Safety Features - Containment
... Most pebble-bed reactors contain many reinforcing levels of containment to prevent contact between the radioactive materials and the biosphere ... Most reactor systems are enclosed in a containment building designed to resist aircraft crashes and earthquakes ... The reactor itself is usually in a two-meter-thick-walled room with doors that can be closed, and cooling plenums that can be filled from any water source ...

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