Paul Beliën

Paul Beliën

Paul Belien, born 1959, is a Flemish journalist and founder of the conservative-libertarian blog The Brussels Journal.

Belien is both known as both a pro-American and a prolific writer and author. Belien has written in several newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The Independent, The Washington Times, The American Conservative, The Daily Mail, The Spectator, and in Belgium 't Pallieterke, Gazet van Antwerpen, Trends and De Tijd. He was editor of the conservative magazine Nucleus.

He is an advocate of Flemish independence and free trade and is an opponent of abortion. Beliën strongly opposes immigration into Europe by Islamic fundamentalists. Belien has also published a book about Belgium and the "Belgianisation" of Europe entitled A Throne in Brussels.

Belien is a master of law with specialisations in European and social security law from the University of Ghent and has a PhD in international studies from the University of Buckingham. He is vice president of the International Free Press Society and a senior editor at the Hudson Institute.

Belien is married to Dr. Alexandra Colen, a member of Belgian Federal Parliament and the political party Vlaams Belang. They have homeschooled all of their children.

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