A Pattavali (From Sanskrit patta: seat, avali: chain) is a record of a spiritual lineage of heads of monastic orders. They are thus spiritual genealogies. It is generally presumed that two successive names are teacher and pupil. The term is applicable for all dharmic religions, but is generally used for Jain monastic orders.

There are several famous pattavalis which are often used to establish historical chronologies:

  • Sarasvatigachchha Pattavali: Pattavali of the Balatkara Gana of Mula Sangh
  • Tapagaccha Pattavali: Pattavali of Tapa Gachchha
  • Upkes Gacch Pattavali: Pattavali of now extinct Upkesh Gachchh.
  • Kharatavagachha Pattavali: Pattavali of Kharatara Gachchha

Glasenapp notes that although the chronological list mentioned in pattavali are valuable, it is not reliable.

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