Pattani Malay

Pattani Malay or Patani Malay, often referred to in Thailand as Yawi (in Thai) or Jawi (in Patani Malay), is a dialect of the Malay language spoken in the southernmost provinces of Thailand along the border with Malaysia. It is the primary spoken language of the Thai Malay ethnic group, but is also used as a lingua franca by ethnic Thai in rural areas, Muslim and non-Muslim, and the samsam, a mostly Thai-speaking population of mixed Malay and Thai ancestry. Pattani Malay is a highly divergent dialect of Malay, influenced by Thai and isolated from the rest of the Malay world by high mountains. Several varieties exist, but they are mutually comprehensible. It is almost identical to the Kelantanese Malay spoken just across the border; even which sometimes the native speakers of both language cannot differentiate both of their language apart; there has not been any detailed study to determine if they are in fact still the same language or have diverged. Both Kelantanese and Pattani dialects are distinct enough that radio broadcasts in Standard Malay can only be understood with difficulty. However, one major difference is that, in Thailand, nobody is required to learn standard Malay and so there is potentially less language influence from standard Malay but potentially more from Thai, but in Malaysia, it is required by school curriculum. They are both different again from Terengganuan Malay.

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... The influence of Southern Thai and Pattani Malay upon each other is great, to the point that both have large numbers of loanwords from the other ... factor that makes comprehension between Pattani Malay and Standard Malay difficult, but there are also numerous other features that have developed in Pattani ... the differences, there are also words like "egg" which do not exist in standard Malay, or words loaned directly from English are transliterated directly and not related to the Malay term ...