Pattani Kingdom - Chronology of Rulers

Chronology of Rulers

Inland Dynasty (Sri Wangsa)

  • Sultan Ismail Shah (d. 1530?), founder of the kingdom according to one account, and the first ruler to convert to Islam. In fact, other rulers must have preceded him. It is also likely that during his reign the Portuguese first visited the port to trade, arriving in 1516. He was called King Phaya Tu Nakpa before his conversion.
  • Sultan Mudhaffar Shah (c. 1530–1564), son of Sultan Ismail Shah, who died during an attack on Ayudhya (Siam).
  • Sultan Manzur Shah (1564–1572), brother of Sultan Mudhaffar Shah.
  • Sultan Patik Siam (1572–1573), son of Sultan Mudhaffar Shah, who was murdered by his half-brother, Raja Bambang.
  • Sultan Bahdur (1573–1584), son of Sultan Manzur Shah, who was considered a tyrant in most accounts.
  • Ratu Hijau (the Green Queen) (1584–1616), sister of Sultan Bahdur, during whose reign Patani attained its greatest economic success as a middle-sized port, frequented by Chinese, Dutch, English, Japanese, Malays, Portuguese, Siamese, and other merchants.
  • Ratu Biru (the Blue Queen) (1616–1624), sister of Ratu Hijau.
  • Ratu Ungu (the Purple Queen) (1624–1635), sister of Ratu Biru, who was particularly opposed to Siamese interference in local affairs.
  • Ratu Kuning (the Yellow Queen) (1635-1649/88), daughter of Ratu Ungu and last queen of the Inland Dynasty. Controversy surrounds the exact date of the end of her reign.

First Kelantanese Dynasty

  • Raja Bakal, (1688–1690 or 1651–1670), after a brief invasion of Patani by his father in 1649, Raja Sakti I of Kelantan, he was given the throne in Patani.
  • Raja Emas Kelantan (1690–1704 or 1670–1698), thought by Teeuw & Wyatt to be a king, but claimed by al-Fatani to be a queen, the widow of Raja Bakal and mother of the succeeding queen.
  • Raja Emas Chayam (1704–1707 or 1698–1702 and 1716–1718), daughter of the two preceding rulers, according to al-Fatani.
  • Raja Dewi (1707–1716; Fatani gives no dates).
  • Raja Bendang Badan (1716–1720 or ?-1715), he was afterwards raja of Kelantan, 1715–1733.
  • Raja Laksamana Dajang (1720–1721; Fatani gives no dates).
  • Raja Alung Yunus (1728–1729 or 1718–1729).
  • Raja Yunus (1729–1749).
  • Raja Long Nuh (1749–1771).
  • Sultan Muhammad (1771–1785).
  • Tengku Lamidin (1785–1791).
  • Datuk Pengkalan (1791–1808).

Second Kelantanese Dynasty

  • Sultan Phraya Long Muhammad Ibni Raja Muda Kelantan/Raja Kampong Laut Tuan Besar Long Ismail Ibni Raja Long Yunus (1842–1856)
  • Tuan Long Puteh Bin Sultan Phraya Long Muhammad (Phraya Pattani II) (1856–1881)
  • Tuan Besar Bin Tuan Long Puteh (Phraya Pattani III) (1881–1890)
  • Tuan Long Bongsu Bin Sultan Phraya Long Muhammad (Sultan Sulaiman Sharafuddin Syah / Phraya Pattani IV)(1890–1898)
  • Sultan Abdul Kadir Kamaruddin Syah (Phraya Pattani V) deposed in 1902 had descendents:
    • Tengku Sri Akar Ahmad Zainal Abidin
    • Tengku Mahmood Mahyidden
    • Tengku Besar Zubaidah, married Tengku Ismail the son of Tuan Long Besar (Phraya Pattani III), had descendents:
      • Tengku Budriah of Perlis
      • Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen

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