Patrick McEnroe - ATP Tour Finals - Doubles Runner-up (21)

Doubles Runner-up (21)

  • 1988: Schenectady (with Paul Annacone, lost to Alexander Mronz/Greg Van Emburgh), Cincinnati (with Jim Grabb, lost to Rick Leach/Jim Pugh)
  • 1989: Key Biscayne (with Jim Grabb, lost to Jakob Hlasek/Anders Järryd), Rio de Janeiro (with Tim Wilkison, lost to Jorge Lozano/Todd Witsken), Washington (with Jim Grabb, lost to Neil Broad/Gary Muller)
  • 1990: Indian Wells (with Jim Grabb, lost to Boris Becker/Guy Forget), Rosmalen (with Jim Grabb, lost to Jakob Hlasek/Michael Stich)
  • 1991: Australian Open (with David Wheaton, lost to Scott Davis/David Pate), Vienna (with Jakob Hlasek, lost to Anders Järryd/Gary Muller)
  • 1992: Cincinnati (with Jonathan Stark, lost to Todd Woodbridge/Mark Woodforde), New Haven (with Jared Palmer, lost to Kelly Jones/Rick Leach), Brisbane (with Jonathan Stark, lost to Steve DeVries/David Macpherson), Antwerp (with Jared Palmer, lost to John Fitzgerald/Anders Järryd)
  • 1993: San Francisco (with Jonathan Stark, lost to Scott Davis/Jacco Eltingh), Key Biscayne (with Jonathan Stark, lost to Richard Krajicek/Jan Siemerink)
  • 1994: Tokyo Outdoor (with Sébastien Lareau, lost to Henrik Holm/Anders Järryd), Toronto (with Jared Palmer, lost to Byron Black/Jonathan Stark), Toulouse (with Jared Palmer, lost to Menno Oosting/Daniel Vacek)
  • 1995: Key Biscayne (with Jim Grabb, lost to Todd Woodbridge/Mark Woodforde), Tokyo Indoor (with Jakob Hlasek, lost to Jacco Eltingh/Paul Haarhuis)
  • 1996: Sydney Outdoor (with Sandon Stolle, lost to Ellis Ferreira/Jan Siemerink)

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