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Paternal Mt DNA Transmission
... In genetics, paternal mtDNA transmission and paternal mtDNA inheritance refer to the incidence of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) being passed from a father to his ... Paternal mtDNA inheritance is observed in a small proportion of species in general, mtDNA is passed unchanged from a mother to her offspring, making it an example of non-Mendelian ... In contrast, mtDNA transmission from both parents occurs regularly in certain bivalves ...
Afro-Brazilian - Genetic Studies
... Perc.% rounded values) Line Origin Negros (Black) Brancos (White) Maternal (mtDNA) Sub-Saharan Africa 85% 28% Europe 2.5% 39% Native Brazilian 12.5% 33% Paternal (Y chromosome) Sub-Saharan ... The research analyzed the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), that is present in all human beings and passed down with only minor mutations through the maternal line ... males and passed down with only minor mutations through the paternal line ...
Paternal Mt DNA Transmission - In Animals - In Humans
... In human mitochondrial genetics, there is debate over whether or not paternal mtDNA transmission is possible ... Many studies hold that paternal mtDNA is never transmitted to offspring ... This thought is central to mtDNA genealogical DNA testing and to the theory of mitochondrial Eve ...

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    My paternal grandmother would not light a fire on the Sabbath and piled all Sunday’s washing-up in a bucket, to be dealt with on Monday morning, because the Sabbath was a day of rest—a practice that made my paternal grandfather, the village atheist, as mad as fire. Nevertheless, he willed five quid to the minister, just to be on the safe side.
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