Pastoral Letter

A Pastoral letter, often called simply a pastoral, is an open letter addressed by a bishop to the clergy or laity of his diocese, or to both, containing either general admonition, instruction or consolation, or directions for behaviour in particular circumstances. In the Catholic Church such letters are also sent out regularly at particular ecclesiastical seasons, particularly at the beginning of fasts. In most episcopal church bodies, clerics are often required to read out pastoral letters of superior bishops to their congregations.

In the non-episcopal Protestant churches the name pastoral letter is given to any open letter addressed by a pastor to his congregation, but more especially to that customarily issued at certain seasons, for example, by the moderator of a Presbyterian assembly or the chairman of a Congregational or Baptist union.

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Fernando Arêas Rifan - Views
... In his first pastoral letter to the clergy, religious, associations and other faithful of the Apostolic Administration, Bishop Rifan stressed the importance of ... He also warned those to whom he addressed his pastoral letter against two errors ... something that, through the infallible help of our Saviour, is impossible." In another pastoral letter, written on the occasion of the election of Pope Benedict XVI as Pope, Bishop Rifan declared very pertinent ...
Roger Cardinal Mahony - Episcopal Career - Controversies - Pastoral Letter
... To prepare for the new Millennium, Mahony wrote a Pastoral Letter on the Mass entitled "Gather Faithfully Together A Guide for Sunday Mass" ... The Letter called all parishes to plan and celebrate each Sunday Mass in order to deepen the faith-life of all Catholics through the Eucharist ... Others, however, found the letter to be visionary, inviting the Church to a more fruitful celebration of the Eucharist ...
Michael Von Faulhaber - Faulhaber and The Nazi Party - Faulhaber Meets Hitler Near Berchtesgaden, November 1936
... Republicans simply the Bolsheviks - and in a letter the joint episcopacy stated " German unity should not be sacrificed to religious antagonism, quarrels, contempt and struggles ... Hitler that the bishops would issue a new pastoral letter in which they condemned "Bolshevism which represents the greatest danger for the peace of ... On December 24, 1936 the German joint hierarchy ordered its priests to read the pastoral letter entitled On the Defense against Bolshevism, from all their pulpits on January 3, 1937 ...
Strangers No Longer - Reception of The Pastoral Letter
... What impact this pastoral letter has had in challenging these three groups is open to debate ... One concrete result of the pastoral letter is the creation of the Justice for Immigrants campaign in the United States to lobby for a more just immigration policy ...

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    This at least should be a rule through the letter-writing world: that no angry letter be posted till four-and-twenty hours will have elapsed since it was written.
    Anthony Trollope (1815–1882)

    Et in Arcadia ego.
    [I too am in Arcadia.]
    Anonymous, Anonymous.

    Tomb inscription, appearing in classical paintings by Guercino and Poussin, among others. The words probably mean that even the most ideal earthly lives are mortal. Arcadia, a mountainous region in the central Peloponnese, Greece, was the rustic abode of Pan, depicted in literature and art as a land of innocence and ease, and was the title of Sir Philip Sidney’s pastoral romance (1590)