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Pascal's Triangle - History
... The set of numbers that form Pascal's triangle were known before Pascal ... However, Pascal developed many uses of it and was the first one to organize all the information together in his treatise, Traité du triangle arithmétique (1653) ... The earliest explicit depictions of a triangle of binomial coefficients occur in the 10th century in commentaries on the Chandas Shastra, an Ancient Indian ...
Jamshīd Al-Kāshī - Mathematics - The Key To Arithmetic - Khayyam's Triangle
... In considering Pascal's triangle, known in Persia as "Khayyam's triangle" (named after Omar Khayyám), Struik notes that (p. 21) "The Pascal triangle appears for the first time (so far as we know at present) in a book of 1261 written by Yang Hui, one of the mathematicians of the Sung dynasty in China ... by some of the Renaissance mathematicians, and we see Pascal's triangle on the title page of Peter Apian's German arithmetic of 1527 ...
Leibniz Harmonic Triangle
... The Leibniz harmonic triangle is a triangular arrangement of fractions in which the outermost diagonals consist of the reciprocals of the row numbers and each inner cell is the absolute ... Whereas each entry in Pascal's triangle is the sum of the two entries in the above row, each entry in the Leibniz triangle is the sum of the two entries in the row below it ... Just as Pascal's triangle can be computed by using binomial coefficients, so can Leibniz's ...

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