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Pascal (programming Language) - Resources - Compilers and Interpreters
... Several Pascal compilers and interpreters are available for general use Delphi is Embarcadero's (formerly Borland/CodeGear) flagship rapid application ... It uses the Object Pascal language (termed 'Delphi' by Borland), descended from Pascal, to create applications for the windows platform ... D8 through D2005,D2006 and D2007 has been terminated, and replaced by a new language (Prism, which is rebranded Oxygene, see below) that is not fully ...
Pascal (programming Language) - Implementations
... The first Pascal compiler was designed in Z├╝rich for the CDC 6000 series mainframe computer family ... Many Pascal compilers since have been similarly self-hosting, that is, the compiler is itself written in Pascal, and the compiler is usually capable of recompiling itself when new features are added to the language ... The GNU Pascal compiler is one notable exception, being written in C ...

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    Denotation by means of sounds and markings is a remarkable abstraction. Three letters designate God for me; several lines a million things. How easy becomes the manipulation of the universe here, how evident the concentration of the intellectual world! Language is the dynamics of the spiritual realm. One word of command moves armies; the word liberty entire nations.
    Novalis [Friedrich Von Hardenberg] (1772–1801)

    Nothing is so important to man as his own state; nothing is so formidable to him as eternity. And thus it is unnatural that there should be men indifferent to the loss of their existence and to the perils of everlasting suffering.
    —Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)