Partial Application

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First-class Function - Language Support
... Language Higher-order functions Non-local variables Partial application Notes Arguments Results Nested functions Anonymous functions Closures Algol family ALGOL 60 Yes No Yes No No No Have ... Java Partial Partial No No 8 No Has anonymous inner classes ... JavaScript Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ECMAScript 5 Partial application possible with user-land code on ES3 PHP Yes Yes Unscoped 5.3 5.3 No (see below) Perl ...

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    Science is intimately integrated with the whole social structure and cultural tradition. They mutually support one other—only in certain types of society can science flourish, and conversely without a continuous and healthy development and application of science such a society cannot function properly.
    Talcott Parsons (1902–1979)

    The only coöperation which is commonly possible is exceedingly partial and superficial; and what little true coöperation there is, is as if it were not, being a harmony inaudible to men. If a man has faith, he will coöperate with equal faith everywhere; if he has not faith, he will continue to live like the rest of the world, whatever company he is joined to.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)