Park Slope Volunteer Ambulance Corps - History


The Park Slope Volunteer Ambulance Corps was founded by members of the Park Slope, Brooklyn community in 1992, in response to a scarcity of EMS resources and increased call-times.

PSVAC has served the community for over 15 years, and has won a number of recognitions and awards and sponsorships.

Today, the Park Slope Volunteer Ambulance Corps has over 50 active members, including 10 crew chiefs. PSVAC has three ambulances, patrol bicycles and a first-response fly car. The Corps responds to thousands of calls every year, resulting in treating and/or transporting over seven hundred patients. By comparison, there are entire communities around the country whose annual response is less than 500 calls.

PSVAC is a participating member of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY)'s NYC 911 system.

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