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International Copyright Relations Of Russia - USSR
27, 1973, the Soviet Union deposited with the UNESCO its declaration of accession to the Geneva version of 1952 of the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC) ... The USSR timed its accession to the UCC to occur before the 1971 Paris version of the UCC entered in force ... Once the Paris version had become effective, accessions to the earlier Geneva version were no longer possible ...
Copyright Law Of The Soviet Union - Accession To The UCC in 1973
... The initial version of the UCC was adopted in Geneva on September 6, 1952 it entered in force on September 16, 1955 ... A revision of the UCC was adopted in Paris on July 24, 1971 and entered in force on July 10, 1974 ... copyright relations of Russia On February 27, 1973, the Soviet Union joined the Geneva version of 1952 of the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC) ...
Tannhäuser (opera) - Composition History - The Paris Version
... Wagner substantially amended the opera for a special 1861 performance by the Paris Opéra ... This revision forms the basis of what is now known as the "Paris version" of Tannhäuser ... However, the première was at the Paris Opéra, so the composer had to insert a ballet into the score, according to the traditions of the house ...

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    I should think that an ordinary copy of the King James version would have been good enough for those Congressmen.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    Beloved, may your sleep be sound
    That have found it where you fed.
    What were all the world’s alarms
    To mighty Paris when he found
    Sleep upon a golden bed
    That first dawn in Helen’s arms?
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)