Parents of The Prime Ministers of Canada

The following is a list of the parents of the Prime Ministers of Canada:

Prime Minister Mother Father Ancestors
Sir John A. Macdonald Helen Shaw Hugh Macdonald
Alexander Mackenzie Mary Stewart Fleming Alexander Mackenzie, Sr.
Sir John Abbott Harriet Bradford Rev. Joseph Abbott Ancestors
Sir John Thompson Charlotte Pottinger John Sparrow Thompson, Sr.
Sir Mackenzie Bowell Elizabeth Marshall John Bowell
Sir Charles Tupper Miriam Lowe Lockhart Charles Tupper, Sr.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Marcelle Martineau Carolus Laurier


Sir Robert Borden Eunice Jane Laird Andrew Borden
Arthur Meighen Mary Jane Bell Joseph Meighen
William Lyon Mackenzie King Isabel Grace Mackenzie John King
R. B. Bennett Henrietta Stiles Henry John Bennett
Louis St. Laurent Mary Anne Broderick Jean-Baptiste-Moïse Saint-Laurent


John Diefenbaker Mary Florence Bannerman William Thomas Diefenbaker
Lester B. Pearson Anne Sarah Bowles Edwin Arthur Pearson
Pierre Trudeau Grace Elliott Charles-Émile Trudeau


Joe Clark Grace Welch Charles A. Clark
John Turner Phyllis Gregory Leonard Turner
Brian Mulroney Irene O'Shea Benedict Mulroney


Kim Campbell Phyllis "Lissa" Cook George T. Campbell
Jean Chrétien Marie Boisvert Willie Chrétien


Paul Martin Elanor Alice "Nelly" Adams Paul Joseph James Martin


Stephen Harper Margaret Johnston Joseph Harris Harper
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