Parents Anonymous

Parents Anonymous (PA) is a self-help group for parents who may or may not have abused their children. PA was founded in 1967 by a 29 year-old single mother, Jolly K. and psychiatric social worker Leonard L. Lieber. Jolly K. was under Lieber's care at the time, and he suggested she meet with another parent from his caseload who had similar issues. The organization grew slowly until it received a grant from the Office of Child Development and Health Education and Welfare in 1974. Unlike traditional twelve-step programs PA mandates professional involvement, accepts funding from outside sources, but does emphasize the importance of protecting members anonymity and never charges parents a fee, dues or charge for attending. The PA Chapter Development Manual requires each chapter have professional facilitator who "should be a professional person from a 'helping' field with a profound respect for the self-help concept." Parents Anonymous publishes a periodical, Frontiers, and several manuals in addition to the Chapter Development Manual.

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    I cannot say what poetry is; I know that our sufferings and our concentrated joy, our states of plunging far and dark and turning to come back to the world—so that the moment of intense turning seems still and universal—all are here, in a music like the music of our time, like the hero and like the anonymous forgotten; and there is an exchange here in which our lives are met, and created.
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    Most parents aren’t even aware of how often they compare their children. . . . Comparisons carry the suggestion that specific conditions exist for parental love and acceptance. Thus, even when one child comes out on top in a comparison she is left feeling uneasy about the tenuousness of her position and the possibility of faring less well in the next comparison.
    Marianne E. Neifert (20th century)