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Voiceover Talent

Voiceover talent included Gregory Abbott (1900-1981), Paramount News' lead voice for its presentation of news and the only narrator to stay for the entire run. Paramount News incorporated sound into the newsreels during the early 1930s and Abbott was hired during its inception of sound and remained until the series ended in 1957), Gabriel Heatter (who introduced the voiceover talent in a special issue release of Paramount News during the early '30s, Gregory Abbott being among those introduced), Vincent Connoly, Maurice Joyce, Dennis James (later a TV game show and variety show host), Gilbert Martyn, and Frank Gallop among others.

The sports voiceover talent was handled by Bill Slater in the early years and from 1948 to the end of the Paramount run in 1957 was handled by the ex-athlete and football player Marty Glickman, who later became known as the voice of New York sports and renowned in sports broadcasting. Other broadcasters like Johnny Most, Don Dunphy and Jackson Beck who lent their hand doing sports voiceover for a few Paramount News releases (Jackson Beck also did a few "hard news" stories as well); Gregory Abbott, Gilbert Martyn, and Maurice Joyce also handled some sports stories.

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