Papal Election, 1088 - Cardinal-electors


According to the decree of Nicholas II In Nomine Domini (1059) Cardinal-Bishops of the suburbicarian sees were the sole electors of the Pope. In March 1088 there were six Cardinal Bishops:

Elector Cardinalatial title Elevated Elevator Notes
Ubaldo Bishop of Sabina 1063 Alexander II
Giovanni Minuto Bishop of Tusculum 1066 Alexander II Created as cardinal-priest of S. Maria in Trastevere, promotion to the suburbicarian see probably in 1073
Peter Igneus, O.S.B.Vallombrose Bishop of Albano 1072 Alexander II He announced the election of Urban II
Odon de Lagery, O.S.B.Cluny Bishop of Ostia 1080 Gregory VII Elected Pope Urban II
Giovanni Bishop of Porto 1085 or 1087 Gregory VII or Victor III
Bruno Bishop of Segni 1079 Gregory VII Chancellor of the Holy Roman Church

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