Panzer Regiment

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Martin Groß - Career in The Waffen-SS
... where he commanded the II/Battalion of the SS Panzer Regiment 1 ... In August 1944, Groß was given command of a new Panzer Brigade, known as SS Panzer Brigade Gross ... The brigade was formed from elements of the SS Panzer Troop Training and Replacement Regiment at Dundaga (German Dondagen), Latvia, along with SS Panzer Troop Training Regiment ...
Rudolf Enseling - World War II
... given command of the I Battalion, 2nd SS Panzer Regiment, for the Normandy invasion, taking command of the Panzer Regiment in July 1944 ... It was while in command of the 2nd SS Panzer Regiment that Ensling was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross in August 1944 ...
Rudolf Sieckenius - Units/Formations - Nazi Period
27 May 1934 – rejoined Army - I Sqn, 11th Reiter (Cavalry) Regiment 1 April 1935 – Chief Staff Officer, 7th Reiter (Cavalry) Regiment October 1935 – Kommandeur, 6 Panzer Company of 2 Panzer Regiment 6 ...

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