Pandyan Kingdom

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Koneswaram Temple - History - Pandyan Kingdom, 1200s
... While under Pandyan suzerainty in 1262 CE, Prince Jatavarman Veera Pandyan I, brother and leuitenant of King Jatavarman Sundara Pandyan I repeated his brother's 1258 conquest of the island to ... Historically, the Pandyans were known to have sculpted two fishes facing each other on the ceilings of their multi-storey temple gopurams once they were completed (and left it with one ... Sundara Pandyan had renovated the gopurams by gold plating the roofs and installing gold gilded Kalasam atop them, a work of art displaying affinity to Dravidian architecture ...
Kulothunga Chola III - Military Campaigns and Political Acumen - Campaigns Against The Pandyan Kingdom (1182 CE, 1188–89 and 1205 CE)
... for the best part of his reign to continue the Chola hegemony on the Pandya kingdom ... the help of Kulothunga Chola III against Vira Pandya, which lead to an invasion of the Pandyan kingdom by Kulothunga Chola III ... was Kulothunga Chola III's first campaign in the Pandyan kingdom and he met with unprecedented success ...
Villavar - Pandyan Kingdom
... The Minavars of Pandyan Kingdom was the allies of the Villavars ... The Early Pandya Kingdom had Bow and arrow in their flag but later it was replaced by Fish insignia later ... Mahabharatha calls the king of the Pandya Kingdom as Saranga Dwajan meaning Bow flagged king ...
Early Pandyan Kingdom - History
... The first Pandyan king who has been mentioned in the Sangam works recovered so far is Nedunj Cheliyan I, who ruled from the coastal town of Korkai, at the mouth of river Tamraparni ... During this time, the Tamil country consisted of several small kingdoms ruled over by independent chieftains, in addition to the three monarchies of Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas ... In a bid to expand his territory, Nedunj Cheliyan I invaded the kingdom of Kudal (later renamed Madurai), which was under the rule of an independent chieftain, Akutai ...

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