Panax Vietnamensis

Panax vietnamensis or Vietnamese ginseng (Vietnamese: Sâm Ngọc Linh) is a species of ginseng in Nam Trung Bo and Tay Nguyen regions of Vietnam, especially in mount Ngọc Linh in Đăk Tô District, Kon Tum, a mountain whose name derives from the ginseng that grows there and in Trà My District of Quảng Nam Province. Besides these regions, Panax vietnamensis can be found in Mount Ngọc Lum Heo in Phước Lộc Commune, Phước Sơn District and in the Mount Ngọc Am of Quảng Nam Province. It grows at elevations between 1,200 and 2,100 m under the leaf canopy of jungles and in wet areas beside running water.

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Panax Vietnamensis - Medicinal Uses
... In tests, Vietnamese ginseng extract attenuated psychological stress-induced antinociception, produced the protective effect against psychological stress-induced gastric lesions, and restored the stress-induced decrease in pentobarbital sleep to the normal level ... This action was not observed on Panax ginseng extract ...