Palmar Carpal Arch

The palmar carpal arch is an anatomical term that denotes the combination (anastomosis) of two arteries: the palmar carpal branch of the radial artery and the palmar carpal branch of the ulnar artery.

This anastomosis is joined by a branch from the anterior interosseous artery above, and by recurrent branches from the deep palmar arch below, thus forming a palmar carpal network which supplies the articulations of the wrist and carpus.

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... In the hand proper a total of 13 bones form part of the wrist eight carpal bones—scaphoid, lunate, triquetral, pisiform, trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, and hamate— and five metacarpal bones—the first ... joint is the S-shaped joint space separating the proximal and distal rows of carpal bones ... of each row, are strengthened by the radiate carpal and pisohamate ligaments and the palmar, interosseous, and dorsal intercarpal ligaments ...
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... up like taut bowstrings around the wrist by passing under the flexor retinaculum on the palmar side and the extensor retinaculum on the dorsal side ... On the palmar side the carpal bones form the carpal tunnel through which some of the flexor tendons pass in tendon sheaths that enable them to slide back and forth through the ... digiti minimi Movements in the plane of the hand flexion (palmar flexion, tilting towards the palm) and extension (dorsiflexion, tilting towards the back of the hand) ...
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... the wrist it is especially thickened, and forms the volar carpal ligament ... This is continuous with the transverse carpal ligament, and forms a sheath for the tendon of the Palmaris longus which passes over the transverse carpal ligament to be inserted into the palmar ... the addition of many transverse fibers, and forms the dorsal carpal ligament ...
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