Palm Multi-Connector - Specification


The connector is divided in two sections: the longer one has thirteen pins numbered from right to left (5 to 17); the shorter one has three pins, on the left (3), top (2) and right (1). The cable shield connectors (4,18) are located on each side of the thirteen pins.

Pin # on device/Multiconnector Pin # on charger/adapter connector Pin# on data/cable connector Name Direction with respect to the device Default state with no attachment Function
1 1 VDOCK Power CHRG_IN DC charging voltage, 5 V
2 2 ADAPTER_ID Input VCC, weak pull-up Adapter identification
3 3 VDOCK_RTN Power GND DC charging return
4 1 SHIELD Shield GND Cable shield
5 2 VBUS Power VBUS_IN USB charging voltage, 5 V typical, 500 mA max
6 3 USB_DP Input/Output Floating USB Data +
7 4 USB_DN Input/Output Floating USB Data -
8 5 DGND Power GND Digital ground, and VBUS return
9 6 Reserved NA NA Do not connect
10 7 TXD Input/output VCC, weak pull-up Transmit data, 3.3 V logic level
11 8 RXD Input VCC, weak pull-up Receive data, 3.3 V logic level
12 9 HOTSYNC Input VCC, weak pull-up HotSync input, active low, pulled up on device
13 10 POWER_OUT Output High impedance Power output to external devices
14 11 SPKR_L Analog output AC coupled Speaker output left
15 12 SPKR_R Analog output AC coupled Speaker output right
16 13 AGND Power GND Analog ground
17 14 MIC_IN Analog input DC coupled Microphone input
18 15 SHIELD Shield GND Cable shield

Pins 10 and 11 have TTL levels and cannot be directly connected to the RS232 port.

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