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Many PDAs are not suitable for modification or do not require it; the newest devices include advanced high-capacity batteries, whilst some devices cannot be dismantled without permanent damage.

The Palm Tungsten T3 comes with a built in 900mAh rechargeable Lithium ion battery. The T1 and T2 also used a 900mAh battery, but because of the upgraded Palm Tungsten T3 processor the battery life is significantly reduced. The modest battery life is the largest criticism of the Tungsten T3 compared to other Palm models. One of the most popular handhelds of all time, the Palm Tungsten T3 is a typical candidate for battery modification.

The Tungsten T5 however, includes a much newer battery and is therefore a much less likely candidate for replacement, at least not yet. Much fuss has been made over the issue of the iPod's built-in li-ion battery and the fact that it is not designed to be replaceable. Some have similar concerns over their handhelds' batteries and decide to try and remedy the problem themselves, just as was done on the iPod before Apple started offering extended warranties: in fact, Apple iPod replacement batteries have become somewhat of a favourite for use as external replacements/additions.

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