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Governance Of The Gaza Strip - History - After The Takeover By Hamas
... of the West Bank, there turned to be de facto two Palestinian Authority governments, both considering themselves to be the legitimate government ... dismissal of the Hamas cabinet members by Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas, Hamas Prime Minister Haniyye refused to aknowledge the dismissal of his government, but had to establish a new Hamas ... Palestinian police chief Kamal el-Sheikh ordered his men in the Gaza Strip not to work or obey Hamas orders ...
Peace Maker (video Game) - Gameplay
... The player choose to be either the Prime Minister of Israel or the President of the Palestinian National Authority, and must resolve the conflict ... The Palestinian President is helped by a national and a foreign adviser ... has the views of a hawk, advocating repressive measures, and a dove, willing to help the Palestinians ...

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    The President has apples on the table
    And barefoot servants round him, who adjust
    The curtains to a metaphysical t
    And the banners of the nation flutter, burst
    On the flag-poles in a red-blue dazzle, whack
    At the halyards.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    I have told my husband that if he denies women equality, I will be in the vanguard of women on the streets, protesting outside his office in the new Palestinian state.
    Suha Tawil (b. 1963)