Pale-headed Brush Finch

The Pale-headed Brush Finch (Atlapetes pallidiceps) is a species of bird in the Emberizidae family. It is endemic to arid areas with low scrub at altitudes of 1650–1800 m (5400–5900 ft) in south-central Ecuador.

It is threatened by habitat loss and the nest-parasitic Shiny Cowbird. Most of its tiny known range, estimated at only 1 km² by BirdLife International, is within the Yunguilla reserve, which, following the rediscovery of this species in 1998, was set up by the Jocotoco Foundation. Following intensive management, including the removal of cowbirds, the population of the Pale-headed Brush Finch is currently increasing. Further increase, however, may be limited by a lack of suitable habitat.

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    By the flow of the inland river,
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    When the ice is covered with snow, I do not suspect the wealth under my feet; that there is as good as a mine under me wherever I go. How many pickerel are poised on easy fin fathoms below the loaded wain! The revolution of the seasons must be a curious phenomenon to them. At length the sun and wind brush aside their curtain, and they see the heavens again.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)