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Neal Adams - Education and Art Career - Silver Age Splash
... work at Warren Publishing's black-and-white horror-comics magazines, under editor Archie Goodwin ... there as penciler and inker of writer Goodwin's eight-page anthological story "Curse of the Vampire" in Creepy #14 (April 1967) ... made his DC debut as penciler-inker of the 8½-page story "It's My Turn to Die", written by Howard Liss, in the anthology series Our Army at War #182 (July 1967) ...
List Of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers - Communications
... Ron Arias, senior editor for People magazine and author of The Road to Tamazunchale (Peru 1963-64) Dave Arnold, former Editor of "Worldview" magazine (Ethiopia 1964-66 ... reporter for the Charlotte Observer (Togo 1973-76) Bruce Nussbaum, editorial page editor for Business Week (Philippines 1966-69) Henry Muller, editorial ... the Washington Post (Ecuador 1986-88) Hugh Pickens, Publisher and Editor of "Peace Corps Online" (Peru 1970-73) Michelle Press, managing editor for Scientific American (Malawi 1962-64) Howard Seftel ...
Robert Snow - Career Timeline - Print
... Detroit News Columnist, 1993–2000 The Washington Times Editorial Page Editor, 1987–91 The Detroit News Deputy Editorial Page Editor, 1984–87 Newport News Daily Press Editorial Page Editor, 1982–84 The ...
Masaryktown, Florida - History
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USA Today - Opinion Section
... columns by guest writers and members of the Board of Contributors, letters to the editor, and editorial cartoons ... One unique feature of the USA Today editorial page is the publication of opposing points of view alongside the editorial board's piece on the day's topic runs an opposing view by a guest writer, often an ... As of 2010, the Editorial Page Editor was Brian Gallagher, who has worked for the newspaper since its founding in 1982 ...

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    If the veil were withdrawn from the sanctuary of domestic life, and man could look upon the fear, the loathing, the detestations which his tyranny and reckless gratification of self has caused to take the place of confiding love, which placed a woman in his power, he would shudder at the hideous wrong of the present regulations of the domestic abode.
    Lydia Jane Pierson, U.S. women’s rights activist and corresponding editor of The Woman’s Advocate. The Woman’s Advocate, represented in The Lily, pp. 117-8 (1855-1858 or 1860)

    So here they are, the dog-faced soldiers, the regulars, the fifty-cents-a-day professionals riding the outposts of the nation, from Fort Reno to Fort Apache, from Sheridan to Stark. They were all the same. Men in dirty-shirt blue and only a cold page in the history books to mark their passing. But wherever they rode and whatever they fought for, that place became the United States.
    Frank S. Nugent (1908–1965)