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Some of The Labs in The Department Include

1) Communication Engineering Lab:
  • The students are asked to carry out mini-projects usually every semester in the subjects such as Signals and Systems, Communication Engineering, Digital Signal Processing and Digital Image processing. There are a number of DSP(Digital Signal processing) kits using which the students can implement the projects.Also there are various communication engineering trainer kits that helps the students to understand the concepts of networking and so on.Each year the final year students carry out projects under the guidance of experienced and co-operative faculty in this lab. There are a lot of computers with the most latest hardware using which the students carry out some high level computing.
2) Advanced Microprocessor Lab:
  • This lab offers plethora of opportunities for students with its advanced infrastructure. The lab provides the students with various Microprocessor Kits and other electronic devices required to program and implement the circuits ranging from a simplest LED lightning system to advanced Robotics projects. The opportunities are unlimited for the students to carry out the circuits and projects of their choice. Many projects carried out in this lab have won awards at National Level Technical Symposiums.
3) Digital Systems Lab :
  • This lab introduces students to digital electronics and lays a foundation to the advanced courses such as Microprocessors and Micro controllers.
4) Basic Electrical Lab:
  • This lab is a part of introductory course for the freshers in order to learn and acquaint themselves with electric circuits,LED's, and other simple electronics and electrical components that act as a foundation for the courses that follow in the advanced semesters.

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