Pa - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Father
  • Pickup artist
  • Pa Drengen Changchop Simpa, a Tibetan people ancestor
  • P.A., a southern hip hop trio in Atlanta
  • LivePA, a live performance artist or personal appearance
  • Parental advisory, a warning label used on audio records
  • Passive aggressive
  • Penny Arcade (webcomic), a popular gaming webcomic
  • Per annum
  • Plate appearance, a statistic in baseball
  • Prince Albert piercing, a form of male genital piercing
  • Pro-ana, a pro-anorexia
  • Public address, a system used to amplify speech or music so that it may be heard by large crowds of people
  • Punjabi language (ISO 639 alpha-2 language code)

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