Pécrot Rail Crash - Timeline of Events

Timeline of Events

  • 08:41 — In Wavre station, a signalman noticed an empty passenger train departing from Track No. 4 against a red signal, towards Leuven.
  • 08:42 — The Wavre signalman contacted the Leuven signalman, to inform him about the train. However, the Wavre signalman spoke only French while the Leuven signalman spoke only Dutch, so the latter did not understand the message fully.
  • 08:43 — The Wavre signalman tried to have the overhead wire current cut off on the erroneously departed train's track. Whenever the power on the overhead wire is cut, the train driver is required by operational rules to reduce speed to a low speed and continue cautiously as long as the train is running. However, that could not be done from Wavre. The signalman therefore contacted a controller in Brussels about the problem.
  • 08:46 — The Brussels controller tried to contact the driver of the train, but was unable to reach him. The Brussels controller also tried to contact the driver of a passenger train that had just departed from Leuven towards Wavre, traveling on the same track as the other train, in the opposite direction. Again, the controller failed to reach the driver.
  • 08:47 — The overhead wire current was cut off, to require all drivers to reduce their speed to a low speed as by operational rules, but unfortunately too late.
  • 08:50 — The two trains collided head-on in the village of Pécrot. 8 people were killed, including both drivers, and 12 were injured.

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