Oxygen Concentration

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Primary Production - Measurement - Aquatic
... is typically measured using one of four main techniques variations in oxygen concentration within a sealed bottle (developed by Gaarder and Gran in 1927 ... is analysed immediately and used to determine the initial oxygen concentration usually this is done by performing a Winkler titration ... After a fixed period of time, the experiment ends, and the oxygen concentration in both vessels is measured ...
Oxygen Sensor - Scientific Applications - Optodes
... An oxygen optode is a sensor based on optical measurement of the oxygen concentration ... to the tip of an optical cable and the fluorescence properties of this film depend on the oxygen concentration ... Fluorescence is at a maximum when there is no oxygen present ...
Simple Face Mask
... face mask (SFM) is a basic disposable mask, made of clear plastic, to provide oxygen therapy for patients who are experiencing conditions such as chest pain (possible ... It is often set to deliver oxygen between 6-10 litres per minute ... their own, but who may require a higher oxygen concentration than the 21% concentration found in ambient air ...
... bacteria also use aerotaxis, a response to changes in oxygen concentration that favors swimming toward a zone of optimal oxygen concentration ... In lakes or oceans the oxygen concentration is commonly dependent on depth ... a significant downward slant, the orientation along field lines aids the search for the optimal concentration ...
Oxygen Concentration Cells
... the metal surface will normally contain dissolved oxygen ... An oxygen cell can develop at any point where the oxygen in the air is not allowed to diffuse uniformly into the solution, thereby creating a difference in oxygen ... Corrosion will occur at the area of low-oxygen concentration which are anodic ...

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