Outline of The Isle of Man - Government and Politics of The Isle of Man - Branches of The Government of The Isle of Man - Executive Branch of The Government of The Isle of Man

Executive Branch of The Government of The Isle of Man

  • Head of state: Lord of Mann, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
    • Lord of Mann's representative: Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man, Adam Wood
      • Deputy Governor: Michael Kerruish
  • Head of government: Chief Minister of the Isle of Man
  • Council of Ministers
    • Chief Minister: Tony Brown
    • Treasury Minister: Allan Bell
    • Home Minister: Martyn Quayle
    • Health Minister: Eddie Teare
    • Education Minister: Annie Craine
    • Industry Minister: David Cretney
    • Tourism Minister: Adrian Earnshaw
    • Transport Minister: David Anderson
    • DAFF Minister: Phil Gawne
    • DLGE Minister: John Shimmin
  • Departments of the Isle of Man government
    • Treasury
      • Financial Supervision Commission
      • Insurance and Pensions Authority
      • General Registry
    • Department of Home Affairs
      • Communications Commission
    • Department of Health and Social Security
    • Department of Education
    • Department of Trade and Industry
      • Office of Fair Trading
      • Post Office
      • Water Authority
      • Electricity Authority
    • Department of Tourism and Leisure
    • Department of Transport
    • Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
    • Department of Local Government and the Environment
  • Offices of the Isle of Man government
    • The Personnel Office
      • Civil Service Commission
      • Whitley Council (for manual workers)
    • Chief Secretary's Office
    • Attorney General's Chambers
    • General Registry of the Isle of Man
    • Office of the Data Protection Supervisor
  • Isle of Man Civil Service
    • Chief Secretary of the Isle of Man

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