Outline of Ancient India

Outline Of Ancient India

Ancient India may refer to:

History of India (timeline of Indian history), which include;

  • Neolithic Age India Mehrgarh civilization (c.7000-3300 BCE)
  • Bronze Age India
    • Indus valley civilization (c. 3300–1300 BCE)
  • Iron Age India (c. 1200–272 BCE)
    • Vedic civilization (c. 2000–500 BCE)
      • Black and Red ware culture (c. 1300–1000 BCE)are culture]] (c. 1200–600 BCE)
      • Northern Black Polished Ware (c. 700–200 BCE)
    • Indian Iron Age kingdoms (c. 700–300 BCE)
    • Kalinga (400 BCE-1842 CE)
    • Nanda Empire (424-321 BCE)
    • Maurya Empire (321–184 BCE)
    • Sangam Period (c. 300 BCE -300 CE)
      • Pandya Kingdom (c. 300 BCE–1345 CE)
      • Chera Kingdom (c. 300 BCE–1102 CE)
      • Chola Kingdom (c. 300 BCE–1279 CE)
    • Pallava Kingdom (250 BCE–800 CE)
    • Maha-Megha-Vahana Empire (250s BCE–400s CE)
    • Satavahana Empire (230 BCE–220 CE)
    • Indo-Scythian Kingdom (200 BC–400 CE)
    • Kuninda Kingdom (200s BCE–300s CE)
    • Sunga Empire (185–73 BCE)
    • Indo-Greek Kingdom (180 BCE–10 CE)
    • Kanva empire (75–26 BCE)
    • Kushan Empire (30–375 CE)
  • Middle Ages (Middle kingdoms of India)
    • Gupta Empire
    • Vakataka Empire
    • Chola Empire
    • Pala Empire
    • Kadamba dynasty
      • Banavasi
      • Halasi
      • Hangal
    • Badami Chalukyas
      • Badami Chalukya architecture
      • Aihole
      • Badami
      • Pattadakal
      • Mahakuta
    • Rashtrakuta Empire
      • Ellora
      • Kailash Temple
    • Western Chalukyas
      • Western Chalukya architecture
      • Mahadeva Temple at Itagi
      • Lakkundi
      • Chaudayyadanapura
      • Annigeri
    • Solanki
    • Kalachuri
    • Seuna Yadavas of Devagiri
    • Vijayanagara Empire
      • Hampi
  • Science and technology in ancient India
    • Indian mathematics
    • Indian astronomy
    • List of Indian inventions
  • Indian martial arts
  • Medicine
  • Linguistics
  • Indian classical music
  • Architecture
  • Indian in Sanskrit epics

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