OTS Software

OTS Software is an Indie Game Development company which was founded in 1998 by Jody Chaffin, software developer and architect. OTS Software was originally established as a custom software development and training company. In early 2003, the official company website was established and freeware games were made available in addition to informative pages about the custom software development process. As the games became increasingly popular, the company focus shifted exclusively to games. To date, OTS Software has released 21 games in five years. The mission of the company is, “To deliver fun free games for all ages, all interests, and all computer specifications.”

OTS Software owns and operates three websites: the official company website, www.otssoftware.com, and two additional sites to offer more free games and free web page greetings. www.otsarcade.com and www.happyspecialday.com.

The company offers a gaming community toolbar, which provides the latest OTS Software news, games playable from the toolbar, live TV, internet radio, weather and Google powered search. The toolbar was first offered on 8/15/2007 and as of 10/6/2008, has been installed 141,702 times. Installations of the toolbar grow by approximately 500 per day and has over 10,000 active users each day.

Four of the company’s earliest games: Boat, MindsEye, Follow the Dragon, and Homonym Madness, began as shareware games priced at US $5 to US $8 for a registered version. The full version of The Crypt (10 complete levels) originally began as a retail game priced at US $9.99. In August 2007, the company strategy shifted to a freeware focus and all games became free.

Currently, all games are in Windows executable format and are being updated for compatibility with Windows Vista. In total, OTS Software offers 20 games which are capable of running on Windows Vista, 18 games which run on all versions of Windows from Windows 95 through Windows Vista, two games which exclusively require Windows Vista and DirectX 10, and one game which runs on Windows 95 through Windows XP, for a total of 21 games.

OTS Software continues to be an early technology adopter and offers games using DirectX technology, as demonstrated by the company’s releases; "AlienXcape" and "ArenaXcape".

Throughout OTS Software's history they have resided in using software made by The Game Creators. Their first 3D games were made using The 3D Game Maker, the last game of OTS Software to use the software as Medusa's Lair. Since AlienXcape OTS have been using FPS Creator X10 to develop their games.

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