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Link-state Advertisement - OSPF V3 LSA Packet Header Formats
... As per Appendix A.4.2 of RFC 5340, all LSA packets start with a common LSA "20-byte header" as shown below ... Note These LSA Packet Headers are all preceded by standard "16-byte" OSPF Headers ... Common LSA 20-byte Packet Header Bit/ Byte 0 ... LS Age LS Type 32 Link State ID 64 Advertising ...
Open Shortest Path First - OSPF V3 Packet Formats
... The "Main OSPF Packet Header" is the same for all 5 types of packets (with exception of the Type field) whereas the following sub-headers will vary from type to type and are shown below the Main ... The Main OSPF Packet Header Octet Bit 0 ... Version Type Packet Length 32 ... Router ID 64 ... Area ID 96 ... Checksum Instance ID 0 ... Type 2 The Database Description Packet Octet Bit 3 ... {Ver} 2 {Type} Packet ...

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