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The passenger terminal covers 148,000 square metres (1,590,000 sq ft) and is 819 metres (2,687 ft) long. The terminal area has 52 aircraft parking stands, of which 34 are connected with bridges and 18 are remotely parked. Gates for domestic flights are located in the west wing, while gates for international flights are in the east, with gates for non-Schengen flights at the very end of the wing. Three of the gates closest to the terminal are "flexigates" for both domestic and international Schengen flights, another four gates near the end of the east wing are flexigates for both Schengen and non-Schengen flights. EU controllers have been somewhat sceptical of the Schengen/non-Schengen flexigates, and there were a few incidents where the wrong doors were opened so that passengers who should have gone through the border control did not. The current capacity of 23 million will soon be passed; in 2011, 21.1 million passengers used the airport. The airport is "silent", so announcements for flights are only done in the immediate vicinity of the gate. There is a playground in both the domestic and international sections, and a quiet room in the domestic section. Medical personnel is stationed at the airport.

Because of the airport's customs procedures for connecting passengers (the luggage has to picked up, shown to customs and checked in when connecting from international to domestic flights), some transit passengers, are now avoiding Gardermoen airport and finding other routing options when possible. The process of clearing customs before connecting to a domestic flight is however not unique for Gardermoen, but common all over the world.

About half the airport operator's income is from retail revenue. There are twenty places to eat or drink, in addition to stores and other services including banks and post. In all, 8,000 square metres (86,000 sq ft) are used for restaurants, stores and non-aviation services. The departure duty-free shop is 1,530 square metres (16,500 sq ft) and the largest in Europe. The shop is located in front of the international concourse, taking up a large part of the terminal's width. The airport has attempted to funnel all passengers through the duty free. Signs that were to hinder passengers from walking outside the duty-free were in 2008 removed after criticism. Arriving passengers have access to a smaller duty-free shop in the baggage claim area.

In addition to the main terminal, the airport operates its own VIP lounge for the Norwegian Royal Family, for members of the Norwegian government and members of foreign royal families and governments. The GA-terminal, located on the west side of the airport, services cargo airlines, executive jets and ambulance aircraft. The airport is heated using district heating with a geothermal source. The airport uses 32.6 GWh/year for heating and 5.6 GWh/year for cooling. In addition, the airport uses 110 GWh/year of electricity.

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