Osage Indians

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List Of Treaties - 1800–1899
1808 Treaty of Fort Clark The Osage Nation cedes to the United States large portions of the Missouri Territory ... more than two million acres (8,000 km²) of American Indian land for the white settlers of Ohio and Indiana ... rights over the Genessee County and restores to the Indians all of their possessions ...
Marvel Cave - History - Osage Indians
... Legend says in the early 16th century, the local Osage Indians were on a bear hunt, chasing two black bears along the White River until one went up a tree for safety ... The Indians then looked down the hole and saw nothing ... The Indians thought they had found the entrance to Hades and named the cave the Devil's Den ...

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    At length he would call to let us know where he was waiting for us with his canoe, when, on account of the windings of the stream, we did not know where the shore was, but he did not call often enough, forgetting that we were not Indians.... This was not because he was unaccommodating, but a proof of superior manners. Indians like to get along with the least possible communication and ado. He was really paying us a great compliment all the while, thinking that we preferred a hint to a kick.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Fellow citizens, I have been called upon to conduct this opening meeting of the Osage First Methodist-Episcopalian-Presbyterian-Congregational-Baptist-Catholic-Unitarian-Hebrew Church.
    Howard Estabrook (1884–1978)