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Historical Development Of Church Of England Dioceses - Details of Cathedrals and Their Foundation - Colonial Dioceses
1787 First colonial diocese (founded 11 August 1787) – originally covered all British North America ... City Calcutta, India 1814 Jurisdiction originally included all of the Indian subcontinent and Australasia ... Paul's, Kolkata Barbados 1824 Originally one of two Caribbean dioceses ...
List Of North American Numbering Plan Area Codes - 300-399
... Cumberland, and land line telephones in all of western Maryland) Originally covered all of Maryland split in 1991 to create 410. 303 Colorado (Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Aurora, Golden, Limon, Centennial central Colorado) Originally covered all of Colorado split to create 719 (1988) and 970 (1995) ... Originally covered all of Florida split to create 813 (1953), 904 (1965), 407 (1988), 954 (1995) ...
List Of North American Numbering Plan Area Codes - 900-999
... Originally covered all of Tennessee split to create 615 (1954) and 731 (2001) ... (the Sacramento Metropolitan Area) Originally covered about one-third of California ... Clatsop County and Tillamook County, originally excluded from the overlay, were added to it in 2008 ...
List Of North American Numbering Plan Area Codes - 200-299
... Bayonne, Ridgewood, Union City, Teaneck, New Milford, and most of northeastern New Jersey) Originally covered all of New Jersey ... Connecticut (Bridgeport, Danbury, New Haven, Waterbury, and southwestern Connecticut) Originally covered all of Connecticut split in 1995 to create 860 ... Tuscaloosa, and parts of western and central Alabama) Originally covered all of Alabama split to create 334 (1995) and 256 (1998) ...

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    The knowledge of an unlearned man is living and luxuriant like a forest, but covered with mosses and lichens and for the most part inaccessible and going to waste; the knowledge of the man of science is like timber collected in yards for public works, which still supports a green sprout here and there, but even this is liable to dry rot.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The machines that are first invented to perform any particular movement are always the most complex, and succeeding artists generally discover that, with fewer wheels, with fewer principles of motion, than had originally been employed, the same effects may be more easily produced. The first systems, in the same manner, are always the most complex.
    Adam Smith (1723–1790)