Ordinance (Latter Day Saints)

Ordinance (Latter Day Saints)

In Mormonism, an ordinance is a religious ritual of special significance, often involving the formation of a covenant with God. Ordinances are performed by the authority of the priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ. The term has a meaning roughly similar to that of the term "sacrament" in other Christian denominations.

There are numerous Latter Day Saint ordinances, many of which are also practiced by other Christian denominations. For example, Mormons practice Baptism, Confirmation and Sacrament (the Lord's Supper).

Some ordinances that are unique to Mormonism are usually associated with and performed in LDS temples. These ordinances include the Endowment and sealings.

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... To Latter-day Saints, the saving ordinances are seen as necessary for salvation, but they are not sufficient in and of themselves ... For example, baptism is required for exaltation, but simply having been baptized does not guarantee any eternal reward ...

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    Wilt thou have this Woman to thy wedded wife, to live together after God’s ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honour, and keep her in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all other, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live?
    Book Of Common Prayer, The. Solemnization of Matrimony, “Betrothal,” (1662)