Oral Glucose Gel

Oral glucose gel is an over-the-counter medication, consisting primarily of dextrose and water, along with small amounts of other compounds. It is frequently used by diabetics and those with hypoglycemia to raise their blood sugar when it becomes very low.

Diabetics and other people with hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, run out of energy when their glucose levels drop too low. These reactions can lead to unconsciousness if not treated in a timely matter.

Reactions can occur suddenly, however glucose levels can be brought back to normal by eating or drinking carbohydrates. It is recommended by The American Diabetes Association (ADA) to carry something containing 15 grams of glucose at all times in order to treat these sometimes sudden reactions.

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Oral Glucose Gel - Product
... Oral glucose gel usually is found in single-use tubes providing a dose of 15 grams of glucose, or resealable tubes with a total of 45 grams of glucose ... Common brands include GlucoBurst Glucose Gel (manufactured by PBM Products) Insta-Glucose (manufactured by Valeant) and Glutose (manufactured by ...

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