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Primus (Transformers) - History - Transformers: Energon
... temple on Cybertron, where they awoke the legendary Omega Supreme, who Powerlinked with Optimus Prime into "Optimus Supreme" to aid in fighting Unicron ... of Hot Shot, Jetfire, Ironhide, Cliffjumper and Landmine, and allowing Optimus Supreme to grow to a colossal height, to battle and best Unicron one-on-one ... himself forced to use all his power to once again enhance Optimus Supreme so that he could stop the Decepticon-induced movement of Cybertron ...
Transformers: Energon - Plot
... Alpha Q recreates Starscream to assassinate Optimus Prime, but Starscream is brainwashed into Megatron's service, all along Scorponok continues to act as Alpha Q's mole ... Wing Saber, who joins the battle alongside Optimus Prime within Unicron ... is reborn as Roadblock, just as the ancient Autobot, Omega Supreme, is awakened on Cybertron and joins the Autobots ...
Fiction - Unicron Trilogy - Animated Series
... Having been defeated by the Autobot warrior Omega Supreme at some time in the ancient past of Cybertron, Unicron hid himself in plain sight of the Transformers ... Optimus Prime and Megatron (now Galvatron) entered his body with the human children, and Unicron addressed them through Sideways's form, absorbing all but ... Plunging himself into Unicron's maw and allowing Optimus to escape alive, Galvatron ended the hatred, and in a mighty flash, Unicron vanished without a trace although at the end of the series ...

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