Optical Viewfinders

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 Features - High Resolution Electronic Viewfinder
... The GH1 uses a high resolution (1.44 million dots) electronic viewfinder (EVF), a sophisticated projection system to achieve a clearer, smoother display than that of compact camera EVFs ... The high resolution electronic viewfinder uses a technology known as LCOS, the same technology used in Panasonic's professional high end video cameras, and is supposed to be capable of much higher resolution ... as large or larger, and brighter than competing optical viewfinders using a mirror box and pentaprism than most prosumer DSLR's ...
Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera - DSLRs Compared To Other Digital Cameras
... light projected by the lens, allowing the camera's screen to be used as an electronic viewfinder ... to some low cost cameras that provide an optical viewfinder that uses a small auxiliary lens, the DSLR design has the advantage of being parallax-free it never provides an off-axis view ... A disadvantage of the DSLR optical viewfinder system is that when it is used, it prevents using the LCD for viewing and composing the picture ...
Live Preview - Digital SLRs
... taking a photograph, with this function still being mainly performed with optical viewfinder ... only, DSLRs without live view, as well as the shortcomings of optical viewfinders when ambient lighting becomes too low ... This removes one of the key advantages of live preview over optical viewfinders, especially on more budget cameras ...

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    It is said that a carpenter building a summer hotel here ... declared that one very clear day he picked out a ship coming into Portland Harbor and could distinctly see that its cargo was West Indian rum. A county historian avers that it was probably an optical delusion, the result of looking so often through a glass in common use in those days.
    —For the State of New Hampshire, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)