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Optical Ring Resonators
... An optical ring resonator is a set of waveguides in which at least one is a closed loop coupled some sort of light input and output ... These can be, but are not limited to being, waveguides.) The concepts behind optical ring resonators are the same as those behind whispering galleries except that they use light and obey the properties behind ... few wavelengths will be at resonance within the loop, the optical ring resonator functions as a filter ...
Optical Ring Resonators - Applications
... Due to the nature of the optical ring resonator and how it "filters" certain wavelengths of light passing through, it is possible to create high-order optical ... size, low losses, and integrability into optical networks." Additionally, since the resonance wavelengths can be changed by simply increasing or decreasing the radius of each ring, the filters can be ... If an optical fiber experiences mechanical strain, the dimensions of the fiber will be altered, thus resulting in a change in the resonant wavelength of light emitted ...

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    When the merry bells ring round,
    And the jocund rebecks sound
    To many a youth and many a maid,
    Dancing in the chequered shade;
    And young and old come forth to play
    On a sunshine holiday,
    John Milton (1608–1674)

    It is said that a carpenter building a summer hotel here ... declared that one very clear day he picked out a ship coming into Portland Harbor and could distinctly see that its cargo was West Indian rum. A county historian avers that it was probably an optical delusion, the result of looking so often through a glass in common use in those days.
    —For the State of New Hampshire, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)