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Al-Qaeda In Iraq - As Tanzim Qaidat Al-Jihad Fi Bilad Al-Rafidayn - Rise and Decline of Al-Qaeda in Iraq
... Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah, but its leadership managed to escape the American siege and subsequent storming of the city ... troop surge supplied the military with more manpower for operations targeting the group, resulting in dozens of high-level AQI members being captured or killed ... and Iraqi forces as part of the large-scale Operation Phantom Phoenix aimed at combating Al-Qaeda activity in and around Mosul, as well as finishing off the network's remnants in ...
Iraq War Troop Surge Of 2007 - Implementation - Operations
... The plan began with a major operation to secure Baghdad, codenamed Operation Fardh al-Qanoon (Operation Imposing Law), which was launched in February 2007 ... Operation Phantom Thunder was launched throughout Iraq on June 16, with a number of subordinate operations targeting insurgents in Diyala province, Anbar province and the southern ... The additional surge troops also participated in Operation Phantom Strike and Operation Phantom Phoenix, named after the III "Phantom" Corps which was the major U.S ...
Ninawa Campaign - Preparations
... Following their defeats during Operation Phantom Thunder and Operation Phantom Strike in 2007 the insurgents lost their primary base of operations in Diyala province and were still under ... Two Iraqi Army battalions from the 2nd Division who had been deployed in Baghdad as part of Operation Imposing Law returned to Mosul ...
Operation Phantom Phoenix
... Civil war Insurgency 2008-2011 Battles and operations of the Iraq War Invasion (2003) Umm Qasr Al Faw 1st Basra Nasiriyah Raid on Karbala 1st Najaf Northern Delay Viking Hammer Samawah 1st Karbala Al Kut Hillah. 2007) Baghdad belts Baqubah Donkey Island Shurta Nasir Phantom Strike 2nd Karbala Phantom Phoenix Insurgency (2008-2011) 2008 Day of Ashura Ninawa Spring 2008 2nd Basra 2008 Al-Qaeda Offensive ... Taji 4th Pan-Iraq 43rd Baghdad 4th Karbala 44th Baghdad 2nd Basra Operation Phantom Phoenix was a major nation-wide offensive launched by the Multinational Force Iraq (MNF-I) on 8 January 2008 in an ...

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