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... is an open-access wiki created by SourceLabs to document open source software ... publishes articles on software development of open source projects ... for syndication of RSS feeds which enables rapid publication of project news feeds, or blogs ...
Comparison Of Open Source Software Hosting Facilities - Overview - General Information
... blocked Runs on all free software Ad-free Alioth Debian Project 2003 Preference for Debian related projects Yes Yes Assembla Assembla, LLC 2 GB Free, Scrum Reports No Yes BerliOS FOKUS 2000 ? No ... ? ? GitHub GitHub, Inc April 2008 Free for open source, paid for private ... No No Gitorious Shortcut AS January 2008 Free for open source projects ...
Comparison Of Issue-tracking Systems - General
... Available for free for open source projects Ruby MySQL 2008 Bontq Bontq LLC Proprietary, hosted ... Available for free for open source projects PHP, Java PostgreSQL 2010 BugTracker.NET Corey Trager GPL ASP.NET, C# on Windows SQL Server, SQL Server Express 2002 Bugzilla Mozilla Foundation MPL Perl ... Richard Hipp BSD C SQLite 2006 Gemini Countersoft Proprietary, free for non profit / open source ASP.NET, C# Microsoft SQL Server 2003 GNATS Free Software Foundation GPL C, Web Front-end In Perl Text ...

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