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Open Access Publishing - History
... as the intellectual blueprint of India's freedom movement ... The modern Open Access movement (as a social movement) traces its history at least back to the 1960s, but became much more prominent in the 1990s with the advent of the Digital Age ... to copy and distribute electronic data at no cost, the arguments for open access gained new importance ...

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    Failure or success seem to have been allotted to men by their stars. But they retain the power of wriggling, of fighting with their star or against it, and in the whole universe the only really interesting movement is this wriggle.
    —E.M. (Edward Morgan)

    What is not in the open street is false, derived, that is to say, literature.
    Henry Miller (1891–1980)

    Power, in Case’s world, meant corporate power. The zaibatsus, the multinationals ..., had ... attained a kind of immortality. You couldn’t kill a zaibatsu by assassinating a dozen key executives; there were others waiting to step up the ladder; assume the vacated position, access the vast banks of corporate memory.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)