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Aeria Games And Entertainment
... Aeria Games and Entertainment (also known as Aeria Games), is an online games publisher ... A European subsidiary office, Aeria Games GmbH, is located in Berlin, Germany and in the summer of 2010, another subsidiary office opened in São Paulo, Brazil ... Aeria Games Entertainment Inc ...
Video Game Culture - Online Gaming - Massively-multiplayer Online Gaming
... shift from console-based or "shrink-wrap" gaming to online games has allowed massively-multiplayer online gaming today to become ubiquitous in the computer gaming realm ... This allowed Massively-multiplayer online gaming to expand to include gaming clan forums and game support facilities which allow the producers of the Massively-multiplayer online game to gain player feedback about ... Massively multiplayer online games have become so important that virtual economies have sprung up that allow players to pay real money for virtual ...
John De Margheriti - Micro Forte Pty Limited
... He co-founded a games development company called Micro Forté Pty Limited and wrote games for a new company called Electronic Arts ... would somehow group bulletin board services (BBS) together so that many people could play games together ... He called this concept Game Net ...

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    At the age of twelve I was finding the world too small: it appeared to me like a dull, trim back garden, in which only trivial games could be played.
    Elizabeth Bowen (1899–1973)