One Missed Call (2004 Film) - Deaths


1. Ritsuko Yamashita - Burned to death, dies in the hospital because of the severe burns on her skin

2. Rina Tsuchiya - Drowned while diving in the ocean after being separated from friends.

3. Yoko Okazaki - Pulled to a bridge by an unseen force and lands on top of a speeding train, also losing an arm and a leg.

4. Kenji Kawai - Pushed down to the bottom of an empty elevator shaft, and dies while laying with broken limbs on the bottom.

5. Natsumi Koniishi - Arm twisted back with its joints breaking one by one until she's beheaded by her own arm.

6. Hiroshi Yamashita - (Death not seen in the film) Likely stabbed by the possessed Yumi Nakamura at the hospital.

7. Yumi Nakamura - (Death not seen in the film) killed by the ghost of Mimiko Mizunuma after possesing her.

8. Tendo the Exorcist - (Death seen in alternate ending) Metal basin falls on his head.

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